Andrea Braunstein


I am first and foremost a creator. Whether writing code, doing a paper art project, or even planning an event, I love to throw myself into a project from start to finish. If I can take an idea through both the big picture and smaller details—touching on both visual design and functionality/logistics—I'm happy.

Incidentally, coding meets my drive to create something in this all-encompassing way. It was through playing around with a Wordpress blog in college that I discovered this. Frustrated with the layout of my blog, I Googled "HTML page jump list" and found the code I was looking for. Seeing how code changed the appearance of my blog sparked an interest in the intersection between problem solving and design.

After college, I spent about a year on a solitary journey learning programming. I went cover to cover through a Java textbook, then tinkered with Android app development. Given my obsession with typography and design, I took my coding endeavors to Dev Bootcamp, where I started my adventures as a web developer.

My goal is to delve deeper into both development and design—to explore the unfamiliar, but also to refine my skills further and further. It is this infinite ability to expand and improve that qualifies coding as craft in my mind. To deliver a functional product is one thing; to implement responsive design, clean code, and test-driven development is another.

The place where play and work go together is the place where I accomplish the most. It's the place where I own what I do, and where I contribute the most. Currently, I am working as a developer and designer at Bigleaf Networks in Portland, OR.















VoIP Landing Page

I was the sole designer and developer for this landing page for Bigleaf Networks. For the icons, I modified various components of preexisting vector illustrations used by Bigleaf and tailored them to this landing page.

Stack: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Adobe Illustrator

Bigleaf Install Guide

This booklet is the setup manual that gets shipped out with the Bigleaf Networks hardware. This project showed me the necessity of understanding the material I'm designing, rather than simply dressing it up and laying it out. Given that I am not an IT technician, I had to spend a good amount of time unpacking the technical content, learning it for myself, and finding the best way to simplify and present it for a technical audience.

Stack: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

Bigleaf Company Site

As a contributing designer and developer to the Bigleaf Networks website, I am responsible for updating the site's content and styling it appropriately. My primary contribution has been developing content on the main page and "Our Service".

Stack: Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Adobe Illustrator


Over the course of one week, I worked on a team of four people to create a Pinterest-style recipe app. I was primarily responsible for the front-end design and styling using JavaScript, AngularJS and CSS. I also designed the Chefboard icon for the Google Chrome extension that we created.

Stack: Ruby/Rails, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, HTML, CSS

Git Repo

Chrome Extension

Thought Splot

This app allows users to create a virtual online journal. Users can also customize the format of each journal entry by selecting any of the fonts from the Google Fonts API.

Stack: Ruby, Sinatra, jQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS

Git Repo

Get With the Program

For my very first dive into HTML and CSS, I created this blog to document my learning progress. This project also taught me how to design a wireframe, translate it into code, and tinker with image manipulation in order to have matching icons.

Stack: HTML, CSS

Git Repo

Quote Capture (ongoing)

Inspired by the household "quote board" that my college roomates and I shared, I wanted to develop a mobile app that would allow me to easily store memorable quotes from friends, books, and TV. It also has a customizable homescreen widget that users can set to display one of the quotes from their "quote library". Future functionality will include the option to make the widget automatically display a random quote each day. This project is still under way and has not yet been deployed to the Android app store.

Stack: Java, Android

Git Repo


Thoughts? Questions? Reach out! Or, check out the Super Secret Bonus Track to this portfolio, an amalgam of personal paper art projects and cards I've made for friends.



"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."